Assessment cups!

During my phase 1b practice, I decided to implement a simple but effective way to assess children’s attainment before, during and after a lesson.

I took myself off to Poundland and bought some’traffic light’ cups and a pack of lolly sticks. I painted the lolly sticks and wrote each child’s name on them – this gave each child an individual stick which they got really excited about! Then, I decided to implement this into my everyday teaching! The children were then to place their lolly stick in the appropriately coloured cup (green – I completely understand and can do this independently, orange – I need more help, red – I’m really stuck and need more support). This allowed me to assess children’s understanding and achievement within the lesson. After the children had placed their sticks into the cups, this allowed me to plan appropriately for the following day. I used the cups as initial thoughts for my differentiation and the children who felt that they needed more help received this during the following lesson.

I believe that this worked really well and allowed children to feel included within their learning. It was important that this was done in a inclusive environment so that children could give their honest answer. Therefore, children were given the opportunity to place their sticks on their way to break or dinner. It is definitely something that I would use again in the future but I would have to consider ways to adapt this as what may work for year 2 may not be as effective for year 6.

Also, to improve this further it would be beneficial to take the children’s interests into account so instead of cups, Next time I may use trains.



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