Creating a mathematics working wall!

During our Maths seminar, we made our very own maths working walls! I found this really beneficial as through communicating with our peers, we were able to share ideas and implement our own into a working wall. I have attached some pictures of working walls from the session. I found that they would be extremely useful within the primary classroom as they provide practical ways for children to be in charge of their own learning. Example 1 provides maths challenges for the children which is a great way of child-led learning. If children feel up for a challenge, then why not? If the wall is always available, then children can go and pick out a challenge. This is a fun and stimulating way to take children’s mathematical knowledge even further. Example number 2 is a great way for children to self-assess their knowledge within specific mathematical areas. They are both examples that I may use in my classroom in the imminent future!

“It is a public display of the learning process rather than the final product… BUT this is not necessarily a dichotomy and model examples can still be used and celebrated” – (Reed and Webster, 2011)

Why use working walls?

  • Children can learn new vocabulary
  • Provide a further challenge
  • To share positive examples and reinforce the step by step methods
  • To support the teaching of specific topics

Teacher Standards links

TS3 – Establish a stimulating learning environment


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