Creating a mock parent booklet

As part of our module assessment in mathematics for Year 3, we were required to create a maths booklet aimed for parents in order to support their children at home. Unfortunately, I have never had the opportunity to communicate with parents in written form. I have spoken to parents verbally instead. Therefore, at first I felt a little bit nervous about this but I still couldn’t wait to give it a try!

Therefore, I created my own maths booklet using Microsoft Word. I researched a variety of booklets from a variety of different schools and came up with a few ideas. It was crucial that if I wanted to engage parents then it had to look appealing so I decided to use a variety of colours and images within the booklet. I also found that if parents were to acknowledge their role in education then a personalised letter was also key. I implemented this in the first page of the booklet. As I focused on year 2, it was also important to research the National Curriculum to ensure that I was aware of the mathematical expectations. Then, I included a variety of sections to provide parents with the knowledge to support their children at home. This included addition and subtraction, multiplication and division, place value, partitioning and problem solving. The booklet provided methods that children would be taught within Maths which allows parents to learn alongside their child. It was also important to contain a variety of activities of how maths may be taught in everyday life (telling the time or weighing ingredients).

After creating the booklet, I was quite proud of it and ensured that it was laminated so that I can always refer to it. Next time, I would love to create one for English (my major specialism) or for other areas of the curriculum. I think that computing may be an interesting subject to focus on as many parents may not feel confident to help their children with technology. As we know, technology is fundamental to everyday life so children need to be taught how to use it effectively!


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