Year 2’s brilliant behaviour!


During my phase 1b practice, I implemented my own behaviour strategy to ensure a good and safe learning environment. After conversations with my year 2 pupils, I found that they were really interested in space. Therefore, I created our very own space ship! If children were showing fantastic behaviour then they were able to move their way up the rocket and into space. If they reached space, then they could receive a class lottery ticket where they could win a prize. If they ended on the ‘spaceship grounded’ then they had to give three minutes of their playtime – this was part of the school behaviour policy. Communicating with the class teacher was key prior to implementing this so that I could adapt some of her strategies and sanctions. This was out of respect.

This shown the children that I hadhigh expectations, but I was also consistent and fair. Children really loved this behaviour strategy as they all aimed to reach space! It was engaging and motivating.  If I was to improve this, I would make sure that I refer to it all of the time as sometimes I would forget, especially if we were learning outdoors.

Teacher standards links

TS1C – demonstrate consistently the positive attitudes, values and behaviour which are expected of pupils.



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