The importance of using film within English

29th November 2016

As part of my English specialism course, we received a very informative and beneficial lecture from INTO FILM on how to implement film within the classroom. Initially, I was quite excited about this lecture as drama and film is something which I love to implement into my own lessons. However, my ideas were limited. This lecture provided me with the resources, skills and plenty of ideas to use film within the classroom. Getting children involved with creating films is just as important as using them as a stimulus. This increased my confidence and has made me even more excited to get back into school and try it out! The lecture also made me realise the importance of constantly developing my digital skills as this is something that schools desire! It is also something that interests me, so why not take it further and learn more? This is definitely a new target of mine!


These were my reflections taken from the lecture. It summarises four main reflection points – the importance of using film, the implications, how I might incorporate short films and also, how this approach may support children’s writing. I believe that the use of films is fundamental when aiming to raise boys’ writing. This is because I find that boys are much more engaged when provided with exciting stimulus’ and hooks. As a teacher, I may engage boys further by using their interests. For example, if the boys in my class like football. We may decide to create our own film showing a football report!

My subject knowledge on the use of film has also increased as we focused on the use of different camera angles. This is something that I have never had the opportunity to do before so I had no prior knowledge. It was really interesting to know that these need to be taught when creating films in the classroom.


How may we use films in English?

Adverts, diary entries (Anne Frank), report, persuasive writing and there are many more!



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