French club!

Within my phase 1a practice, I stayed behind and helped the year 3 class teacher with her French club! It was every Monday and available to all of the children throughout the school. Although it only lasted 45 minutes, this was a fabulous way to not only get to know the children but to learn alongside them! I had learnt French before whilst in primary school, however this was so long ago that I can hardly remember it! It was fun to get back into the swing of things and refresh my knowledge of French (which has definitely gotten better!). The children loved learning french and we played lots of fun games involving colours, food, days of the week and the weather. It was a good way to spark the children’s interests and get them involved in something other than the National Curriculum. Some of the children really were passionate about it and would come with a new word to share each week! I believe that modern foreign languages provides amazing opportunities for the children and promotes wider learning. It provides them with lifelong skills to support them as they get older. I learnt Spanish as a GCSE and still use that today when on holiday with my friends or family. As an NQT, I definitely want to implement a modern foreign language into my every day teaching whether it is through an after school club or by doing the register.



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