Safeguarding training (Level 2)

img_1839On Wednesday 30th November 2016, I took part in additional safeguarding training outside of university. This is because I believe that it is so important for teachers to be aware of how to safeguard all children as we all hold a duty of care! I already had a prior knowledge of safeguarding policies and how to support children if needed, but I wanted to keep my knowledge of this up to date. The training lasted two and a half hours and was very emotional yet informative.

We looked at a variety of real life case studies and discussed how these could have been prevented and how we would deal with them. It overwhelmed me to know that most case studies could have easily have been prevented as teachers often dismissed calls for help. As a teacher, I will NEVER dismiss a child’s disclosure and will ensure that it will be reported if needed. It is also important to make sure that the child knows that you cannot keep anything a secret, especially if people are put at harm. So, you should not make the child promises or ask any leading questions. Prior to starting placement, it is important that I familiarise myself with their safeguarding policies and officers so that I am aware of this incase any problems did occur. During the training, it was mentioned to never be one-to-one with a child. However, as a teacher it is important to consider that sometimes this may be unavoidable. If this does happen, it is important to protect yourself and the child by leaving any doors open and try to make sure that you are in public area.



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