Completing the Child Safeguarding training


I am showing my developing knowledge of Safeguarding and the understanding of the effect that this has on children’s overall learning. After scoring 96.8% on the final assessment, I feel confident with the process of dealing with disclosures. I also fully understand the process that I may need to take and the first port of call is the Designated Safeguarding Lead. However, if they are unavailable then it is important to take the report to the headteacher. You must never ask leading questions or promise to keep the child’s disclosure a secret. The child needs to know who their disclosure will be passed onto. However, always make sure that you reassure the child to avoid them feeling anxious. I also fully understand the importance of each member of staff having a clear DBS check but it is also important that every single person who enters the school to also have this. It is our responsibility to protect each child!

In the future, I aim to keep up to date with the DfE website for changes in policies. It is SO important that you are up to date with any changes.


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