Behaviour charts – Phase 1a


During my phase 1a practice, I monitored children’s behaviour through using behaviour charts. This promotes positive reinforcement as when a child behaved well or produced a great piece of work then they would receive a sticker. Once their chart was full then they received a special mentions in assembly and a trip to the head teachers office. I used this approach as it was something that was already used by the class teacher. Although it was effective with year 3, I believe that there are much more effective ways to monitor behaviour that have better outcomes and engage the children more! This is definitely something that I aim to experiment with within my future practices, perhaps using class dojo or a house point system. However, as mentioned, this was successful within the school I was in and it did work really well and it motivated the children to want to succeed. The children loved standing up in assembly to receive their praise in front of all of the other children. It made them feel really special! I love the idea of praising the children in assemblies, especially if their parents are present as it boosts their self-esteem and makes them feel appreciated. This is definitely something that I would like to adapt as I strongly believe that all children should be praised and made to feel special if they have done something to be proud of!


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