Classroom lotto


During my phase 1b professional practice, I decided to create some classroom lottery tickets. After communicating with the class teacher about the appropriate rewards,  I decided to go for it. I made the tickets by mixing washing up liquid with metallic paint. This created a scratch off paint (the image above was taken before the paint was painted on). If children behaved within a lesson or produced a piece of outstanding work then they would be rewarded with a lottery ticket! In order to avoid distraction, they were to keep their tickets in their trays until the following Friday. This also allowed for a little celebration for those who had worked well during that week! As I was with year 2, they absolutely loved the idea of not knowing what their surprise was until the end of the week. It was such a nice surprise for them after a week of hard work. However, its important to consider that although this was effective with year 2, it may need be adapted to suit older children. The rewards included: helping out the teacher, sitting on a cushion on the carpet and receiving presents, such as books. If I was to use this with older children, the rewards may need to change to suit their interests. However, I think that this is a fun and interact way to use positive reinforcement and manage behaviour! I would definitely use this again!

Teachers’ standards links…

TS1 – set high expectations which inspire, challenge and motivate pupils 

The lottery tickets definitely inspired and motivated children to want to succeed and do well. They all wanted to receive a lottery ticket due to the surprise and mini celebration. This shows children that they are rewarded for hard work. This will also increase their self-esteem and relates to the ‘self-fulfilling prophecy’ where children are more likely to do something if they know that it has a positive outcome.

TS7 – Manage behaviour effectively to ensure a good and safe learning environment 


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