Eco gardening club!


During my phase 1B professional practice, I got involved in an Eco Gardening Club. This was an after school club for children throughout the school. Here, they were able to learn about the environment and how to keep it clean! Children learnt about the importance of recycling and planted different types of flowers. This after school club provided lots of cross-curricular opportunities as they were able to learn about plants and also learn life long skills. Children really enjoyed this club as it allowed them to also have an opinion on school life. A previous post shows how we implemented a ‘suggestion box’ within our classroom but it was actually here at Eco Club that it was suggested by one of the children! I believe that this club provides lots of important opportunities for children that may not be available within school time. It is definitely something that I would suggest to the head teacher of my future school! The children loved it! However, I think it would have been nice for the children to show off their plants to the rest of the school perhaps in an assembly. This is something that I feel could have been improved as it would have been beneficial for the other children to know the progress of the plants as they were constantly asking at playtime.


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