Our email from Brian Moses

During my phase 1B practice, I taught a whole unit on performance poetry. As a class, we looked at different types of poetry and how this could be performed. My class loved watching Michael Rosen perform his classic – ‘Chocolate Cake’ but most of all, they loved to listen to Brian Moses – ‘Walking with my Iguana’. Whilst considering the children’s interests, I decided that it would be fun to recite and learn the poem from heart. This is also an expectation from the English National Curriculum for year 2. The children worked SO hard to recite and learn their poem that I had to tweet Brian Moses’ himself and tell him about how hard the class had been working. I asked him to send the class an email to thank them for their hard work and they loved it! It was such a fantastic way to end the unit as we had had so much fun from start to finish.

Teachers’ Standards links…

TS4B – Promote a love of learning and children’s intellectual curiosity…

TS7B – …use praise and rewards

This was an exciting way to reward the children for their consistent hard work. It also let them know that Brian Moses was also proud of their work! They were so excited and happy with their achievements. It was nice to make them feel appreciated in a different way.


The email from Brian Moses


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