Golden Tickets



During my final practice within a year 4 setting, I introduced ‘Golden Tickets’ as a behaviour strategy. Children were rewarded with a Golden Ticket if they had done something to impress me that week. For example, working hard or listening carefully. These were handed out throughout the week and the children would place them in their trays until the following Friday. After receiving the ticket, the rest of the children would give the child a round of applause or a big ‘WHOOSH’ to praise them! This promoted confidence and self-esteem. Then, on the Friday, the selected children would stand in front of the class and scratch off their prize. The prizes consisted of ‘show and tell’, ‘two house points’, ‘a new book’ or a ‘dip in the treasure box’. The treasure box was an additional strategy that I implemented alongside this. The box contained lots of mini surprises for their pencil cases such as animal sharpeners and crazy rubbers. This strategy worked really well within the class I was in. Initially, I was worried at first about implementing a treasure box because as the school is a private school, I assumed that the children would have everything already! How wrong was I?! They loved the idea of a treasure box and something new for their pencil cases!

This strategy is quite similar to the ‘Classroom Lotto’ tickets that I implemented during my year two placement. I fell in love with idea of the children scratching off their prize and wanted to implement this again as it is so effective yet so easy to make (mix washing up liquid with acrylic paint). However, I recognise the importance of trying out different strategies so I made this a bit different in relation to Willy Wonka’s Golden Tickets. However, next time, I may want to create something more personal to the children. For example, if they love football then I may want to create a strategy in relation to football! I may even implement this after February half term!!!


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