Peer-assessment discussion cards


These discussion cards were a fabulous way for the children to peer assess each others work. These cards encourage children to engage in conversation about their work rather than just providing ticks, crosses or written feedback. This ensured that the children were demonstrating with a variety of different assessment strategies rather than just one. They would use the cards at the end of a writing topic, during science observations or Maths. However, they could be used in any lesson.

Although this provides opportunities for children to peer assess through discussion, it has to be considered that this may be hard to monitor as a teacher. Consequently, it is important that the teacher wanders around and engages within the discussion to ensure that all children are on task and are taking part in effective discussion. If children do this effectively, it will provide them with a chance to reflect on their own work and decide how it can be improved. It is also important to provide the children with an extra five minutes to make any of the suggested improvements otherwise this activity may not be worthwhile. It also encourages children to take responsibility for their own learning rather than relying on the teacher for feedback. It could be argued that as teacher feedback seems to be a process that only benefits the child, this strategy may be more purposeful as both children will benefit. However, it is also important that the teacher provides feedback after this activity whether it is in the form of writing or done verbally.


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