Secret Student


During my final placement, I introduced ‘Secret Student’ as a behaviour strategy when aiming to promote high expectations. The children in my class loved this as they found it something to work towards. The impact that this had on behaviour was evident as they were oblivious as to whether or not they were the secret student and consequently, they all aimed to impress! It also provided opportunities for communication with parents as little notes were sent home to let their parents know that their child had been our secret student. This provided children with high self-esteem as they were receiving praise in school and at home. It also promoted high expectations as if the secret student had misbehaved in a lesson, he/she would no longer be the secret student and wouldn’t receive a note home. This encouraged the children to actively participate in daily lessons, just incase they were the secret student! Overall, I found this behaviour strategy really effective within my setting. The main reason for this may be due to the parents being extremely supportive and hence, the children wanted to impress. However, it has to be considered that not all parents are as a supportive as we would hope and this may not work for all children. Luckily, I hadn’t come across this barrier throughout the implementation of this strategy but I am fully aware that this may not be as effective in certain settings. Therefore, it is important to constantly research and try out new methods and strategies.


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