Emoji Exit Slips!


During my final practice, I implemented Emoji Exit Slips as a form of formative assessment. As I got to know the children, it was clear that they were obsessed with all kinds of social media so I thought Emojis would be a fun and creative way to assess their understanding within a lesson. I decided to hand these out on a weekly basis to assess their understanding at the end of a topic and would use these to inform my planning for the week ahead. For example, if a child didn’t fully understand what we had done that week then it was important to implement the appropriate support for the following week to ensure progress was being made. As well as being an effective way to monitor assessment and progress, it also encouraged the children to reflect on their learning. They were able to honestly identify how they felt with a certain topic and I think it gave them confidence knowing that it was personal and didn’t have to be shared with anybody other than me. These worked well with my year 4 class and I would definitely use again if I am ever in KS2. However, it is important to consider that the theme may need to be adapted to suit the interests of the children within your class. For example, if you are teaching year 1 or 2, they may not know what Emojis are so this may need to be changed to suit their needs!


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