Four way planning

My final year placement was in a two form entry private school. This meant that there were two classes of year 4 boys. As well as this, there were two additional support teachers whom supported the less able boys. This is a fantastic way to deploy support staff as it ensures that children are receiving a personalised level of education suited to their abilities. However, this meant that my planning had to be done for 4 classes. At first, I was confused and bewildered by all of this as I felt it was a lot of pressure of a trainee teacher. Nevertheless, I got stuck in and realised that it wasn’t as hard as I initially thought. Yes, it seems like a lot of pressure to have your planning delivered by four different teachers but they all deliver the same planning. This ensured that differentiation had to be evident in all lessons as the support staff will need to deliver materials suited to the children’s ability. It also was really good practice for me! Sometimes, I was able to watch how another teacher would deliver my planning and learn from this. Luckily, English was the only subject that I had to plan four ways. Everything else was just twice, between my class and the other year 4 class. However, this meant that communication had to be constant between the other class teacher and myself. I had to communicate and ask whether her pupils were ready to move forward prior to planning the next lesson and I had to ensure that my planning would be suitable for her class as well as mine.

This was definitely a positive experience from me as I was able to deploy additional adults in many different ways. It is also a fantastic way to ensure differentiation. This has definitely prepared me in case I have to do this again in future jobs. I am glad that I had the opportunity to do this!


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