Harry Potter Wizardry Maths

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During my final practice, I taught a week of Maths with a focus on Data Handling. I wanted something that would completely capture the imaginations of the children and I had noticed that some of the children had been reading Harry Potter! Therefore, I thought why not use this to capture their imaginations and engage them within our topic of data handling?! I remembered that my friend did something similar with her class last year so I asked her for some advice and she was kind enough to send me the extracts. I couldn’t wait to use them with the boys in the maths group! As it was an all boys school, I knew straight away that Harry Potter would be a hit! Anyway, it was!

The boys were given a handful of jelly beans (cheap ones but they never knew that) and were to create their own tally chart. They could create their own names for the beans but they were to record how many beans they had. After they had done this, they were to put this data into a bar graph. This was differentiated within my plan as the less able children were provided with a labelled template and the more able were challenged to use numbers higher than 10. This was carried out over two lessons and in the second lesson, early finishers were challenged to answer questions based on their bar chart. This settled out high expectations as I wanted all children to finish and had begun answering the questions in their books.

Reflecting upon these lessons, the theme worked really well as it provided a real-life context and I would definitely use it again.


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