ICT Lunchtime Club


During my final placement, I asked the children in my class about the lunchtime clubs that they would like in school. I was amazed to find that 23 children voted for an ICT lunchtime club! At first, I was a little bit bewildered by this as I had not had the chance to teach ICT in neither of my previous practices. However, I asked the other teachers who were skilled at ICT for support and came up with a few ideas! I decided to put these into a plan to last me through the whole of my practice (the plan is the schools plan so I have had to crop out the school logo for confidentiality reasons). Anyway, I have really surprised myself because I LOVE running this club. It is also clear that the children love it too! They only have the chance to do ICT once a week so its a fun and interactive way for them to develop their technology skills. Despite this, it was a struggle as the school do not have access to much technology such as iPads and cameras. Also, the computers that we do have access to are temperamental – sometimes they work and sometimes they do not. Consequently, it is important to always have unplugged activities at hand if for some reason, the computers do not work. Overall, I do love running this club although it is only for half an hour on Thursdays, I believe it is crucial for providing children with everyday skills as technology is so common in every day life! I would like to run this club again but when I have access to further technology so that I can experiment with certain programmes.


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