Alice in Wonderland display

Screen Shot 2017-04-10 at 16.46.19

During my final practice, we focused on Alice in Wonderland throughout the whole curriculum. This meant that both our English and Maths lessons were based around this theme. Within English, we began by completing a comprehension based on the story of Alice. This allowed the children to refresh their knowledge of the story and of the main characters. Then, we produced our own invitations to the Mad Hatter’s tea party and completed a piece of descriptive writing to describe Alice falling down the hole. The boys were really immersed within the topic as I often used videos as hooks and encourage the use of vocabulary. This was particularly effective for the less able who needed prompting and visual support. At the end of the topic, I produced the display to show off the boys’ wonderful work. They loved this as it allowed celebration for all of their hard work! I believe that this a form of positive reinforcement as all of the boys wanted to work hard in order to have their work up on the wall. Within Maths, we were looking at coordinates and I implemented the theme of Alice in Wonderland by asking the boys to find the Mad Hatter’s missing items for the tea party. This resource was made by myself and was given to the class teacher. Consequently, I contributed to the resources within the school. The boys really enjoyed this theme and I would definitely use this again. In fact, I used the Alice in Wonderland lesson in my job interview and got the job!!! Although Alice in Wonderland is a popular culture link, it is important to make sure that this fits the interests of the children in your class. If your children don’t like Alice in Wonderland then perhaps this wouldn’t create an immersive learning environment and may need to be adapted!



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