Food Chains

Screen Shot 2017-04-10 at 16.59.05

When teaching food chains, I thought it would be fun to make it a little more practical and engaging! So, I decided to spend two lessons on this – one lesson provided the children with the knowledge and the second lesson allowed them to create their own physical food chain using paper and glue. This lesson required a lot of practical modelling to demonstrate what the children were required to do. I had to do this one step and a time as the boys were not used to doing things like this. After the modelling, I let them boys get on with it and they created the lovely food chains on the image above! I believe that this was a fun way to engage the children with food chains and it required them to think carefully about each stage. Then, I decided to hang them on the washing line for them to always refer back to. They loved having their work on display! However, although this was an engaging way to put their learning in context I could also identify some misconceptions. However, as this was my final day on practice, I could not go back to this and support those specific children so I had to leave a note with the class teacher to go back to this. If I were to do this in future with my own class, I would have gone back and addressed the misconceptions. For example, a snake doesn’t eat a shark, etc.



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