Meeting the animals!

Screen Shot 2017-04-10 at 17.12.37

During our Science topic of living things and their habitats, the children had the chance to become face to face with some real-life animals! This was an amazing way to bring learning to life and engage the boys within their topic. They absolutely loved this opportunity and learning all about the animals and how they adapt to their habitats. The children had the opportunity to see and hold a number of animals from all over the world, including Africa, America and Australia. The company was wonderful and allowed the boys to hold all animals and ask questions. It is something that I will definitely bare in mind when I teach this topic. However, we only had a one hour slot and this wasn’t enough time to get through all of the animals. If I implemented this in the future, I would perhaps dedicate a whole afternoon to allow the children to see them all. This was a fundamental learning experience for them, and their faces shown it all! They couldn’t wait to go home and tell their parents all about it.


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