Negotiating meaning

Screen Shot 2017-04-10 at 16.39.29

During my final practice, I taught a two week topic on Fractions. As from teaching fractions before, I understand how some children may struggle whereas others may excel. It is important to not stick to ability groups when teaching this topic. In order to assess their prior understanding of fractions and allow me to gain an insight of their prior knowledge, I decided to give them a negotiating meaning sheet. They were to complete this independently so I can identify those children who may need extra support within the topic. This allowed them to really think about the topic and negotiate the meaning of the term ‘fraction’. This was a really effective strategy to assess their prior knowledge but however, as they had not done anything like this before they needed quite a lot of guidance. I didn’t expect them to need as much guidance as what they did as it seemed pretty simple, so next time it is important to set enough time aside for thorough instruction and explanation.









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