Our trip to Stockport Air-Raid Shelters!

Screen Shot 2017-04-10 at 16.30.35

As part of our WW2 topic, we decided to take the boys on a school trip to Stockport Air-Raid Shelters! The boys were completely immersed with the topic WW2 and could not wait to see the shelters for themselves. It was an amazing day out which engaged the children further within their topic. We had a tour of the shelters, followed by group activities on rationing and home life during the war and then we had a listen to the Air-Raid sirens. The children had lots of questions to ask about the shelters and were amazed that so many people could sleep in them at one time! I strongly believe that this trip supported them with their understanding of the war as they would refer to this experience for weeks! It definitely immersed them further and interested them within the topic of WW2. It also made the boys realise that it has actually happened and it really brought the topic to life. As we also had a number of parent helpers, it was nice to communicate and work alongside them to ensure that everything ran smoothly. I would recommend this trip to anybody that is teaching WW2 and I would definitely go again if I ever get the chance to teach this topic. It really was a fundamental learning experience!


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