Daily Assessment Form

Screen Shot 2017-05-06 at 20.52.35

During my final practice, I decided to opt for a simple but effective way of assessing children’s progress. Therefore, I created a form that could be easily accessed and filled out each day. On the form, I would make notes of the children who were struggling and those who were exceeding. This could then be used to inform my future planning to ensure that the relevant children got the appropriate support. This was an effective way for me to implement assessment within my teaching. This also enabled me to recognise the children who needed a further challenge which is crucial to pupil progress – all children should be appropriately challenged. However, although this worked well for me , it may not work for everybody. As a teacher, I will experiment with a wide range of assessment strategies to benefit me. Although this was beneficial and easy to understand, it often took a lot of time and when you’re busy it is easy to forget. It may be easier to just have a notebook or something to scribble on so you don’t have to print out pieces of paper after each other!


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