Embracing the Sri Lankan culture!


It was clear from spending my summer in Sri Lanka that Buddhism is their main religion and I was so intrigued to find out more! I visited the local temples and was overwhelmed by how beautiful they were! Sri Lankan people are so passionate about their religion and  strongly believe in spiritual development. Through visiting the temples, I learnt that most of them are quite hard to get to and you have to walk up hundred of steps to get there. That is because it’s a very sacred building. I also learnt that it’s considered rude and disrespectful to turn your back to the Buddha statues. This is something that you need to be really mindful of doing when visiting the temples. It is also vital that you cover your shoulders and your knees as a sign of respect, you also must take off your shoes. Through finding the temple so interesting, I decided to meet with a monk and try out some meditation. It was so soothing to see things in such a positive and calm light, but my mind just kept wandering!

These experiences provided me with the first-hand knowledge of Buddhism, which I can draw upon when teaching Religious Education. I recently spoke about this on my previous placement and the boys in my class were so intrigued by the faith and couldn’t wait to hear more. Similarly to children, we definitely learn best through experience! In the future, I am to continue developing my knowledge of RE and learn more about the different faiths. Personally, I would like to visit the different countries and embrace the different cultures! This experience also enlightened me to the different beliefs, so that if I ever have a Buddhist child in my class, I know what their beliefs may be and how to support them further.


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