Visiting the Tsunami museum

The after-math of the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami

During our time in Sri Lanka, we decided to visit the Tsunami museum. Since we were staying in the one of the most affected parts of Sri Lanka, it was definitely at the top of our lists. As trainee teachers, we also thought it may provide us with some relevant subjects knowledge that we may want to share with our future classes.

It was definitely one of the most emotional yet interesting experiences of my whole entire life. I was shocked to see the impact first hand, as the family that owned the museum lost a number of their loved ones in the disaster. The visit provided me with lots and lots of information and statistics that I will definitely share with my future class. I was shocked at how much Sri Lanka is still suffering and how much of an impact this actually had. It has provided me with a first-hand experience that I can discuss across the curriculum, but mainly within Geography and History. I was so intrigued by the disaster, that I had to buy an auto-biography of one of the American Nurses who flew out to help. It is so sad to think that things like that may still happen unexpectedly.


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