Cross Curricular Art & History

1 27 During my final practice, I collaborated with the Art Specialist teacher to plan two lessons based on the Stone Age. As we had been focusing on Stig of the Dump in English, I thought that it would be a fun way to combine English, History and Art into one!! The learning objective of the lesson was to create a cave painting (See image 2) from tissue paper, chalk and charcoal. I used tissue paper to give it a rough effect and we discussed the history behind using chalk and charcoal (they were the only tools around then!). We also looked at a few cave paintings and discussed what they used to paint – mainly animals and humans hunting. However, it was important to make sure that I had the relevant subject knowledge to teach this effectively. Therefore, I visited BBC which contained a wide variety of activities and subject knowledge. I would definitely advise this to anybody who wants to teach art combined with History. If teaching this lesson again, I would make sure to explain that they need to draw their cave painting bigger. Although the child on image 2 did, some of the children drew quite small. Overall, I really enjoyed teaching this and the children produced some beautiful work!IMG_3087


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