Guided Reading CPD session – Phase 1b

During my time on professional practice, I attended a CPD session on Guided Reading. This was a fundamental opportunity to improve my subject knowledge within English. Through attending the session, I learnt a variety of tips that have stayed with me and support my teaching of English and Guided Reading.

  • Teachers should be reading to the children ASWELL as the children reading to the teacher – this was an interesting point that I had never actually considered before. I knew that it was important to read to children but I never knew the theory behind it.
  • Do not group by reading ability – differentiate questions but same objective!
  • Children do not need to hold the book for the initial reading, they should be listening to the story.
  • A.F’s should NOT be used (As I used on my previous practice)
  • The same text should be used for each group with differentiated questions
  • Use ‘test’ language – ‘Can you…? Will you….?’
  • Starter activity – fastest finger
  • The difficulty of the text should not increase the difficulty of the objective
  • Question maps
  • Children should have the opportunity to read for pleasure, without questioning

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