Hagrid’s Potion Prices!

During my final practice, the boys were OBSESSED with Harry Potter. So, I decided to implement a potion price list when teaching money. The children were really engaged with this and loved the idea of it having a real-life, comical context. I was also praised for this resource by the Year 5 teacher who was observing the other classroom. However, the HA resource contained a typing error and included a fraction that couldn’t be divided equally. This caused a bit of chaos and disruption so next time, it is so important to check home-made worksheets for any errors. Also, it is crucial to keep your subject knowledge up to date! Perhaps if I had done so, there wouldn’t have been an error. Nevertheless, the children were so engaged and motivated by the theme of the lesson that they all got on to complete the extension challenge cards. These resources were effectively differentiated and I would definitely use them again (once I’ve corrected the typo that is!). I have attached the differentiated sheets.

Hagrid_s Potion Price List SquaresHagrid_s Potion Price List Triangles


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