High Expectations


My final placement was in an all-boys, independent school. This meant that high expectations were key to pupil progress. As an independent school, they did not follow the National Curriculum and this was something that I had to become familiar with. Although it was good because it allowed flexibility within my planning, it took a while to get used to. High expectations are crucial as the boys were working at year 6/7 level when they were in year 4 (this was what the class teacher said). They were also aiming to sit their Grammar Tests which enabled them to get into the best Grammar schools. During my time on placement, only one child got accepted into Manchester Grammar School as the expectations were so high and the Grammar tests were challenging. Therefore, it was so important to set high expectations. Parental expectations was also evident as they had high hopes for their children to get into these Grammar Schools. In order to set high expectations, differentiation was crucial. It was important to challenge each individual child through differentiated resources and support. We also encouraged the boys to often work independently to complete work as they would have to do so when taking their entrance exams. I feel that this gave me an effective understanding of how to challenge all pupils and differentiate accordingly. As an NQT, I aim to continue setting high expectations of all children. Nevertheless, it is important to consider that the standards may not have to be as high as they were in an independent school as state schools do not have Grammar Tests. Despite this, they do have SATs testing and it is crucial to have high expectations to ensure that each child is being pushed to reach the best of their ability.


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