Multi-sensory teaching


“If a child is not learning in the way you teach, change your teaching strategy and teach the child in the way he learns!”

Multisensory techniques are frequently used for children with learning differences. Multi-sensory teaching techniques and strategies stimulate learning by engaging students on multiple levels. They encourage students to use some or all their senses to:

  • Gather information about a task
  • Link information to ideas they already know and understand
  • Perceive the logic involved in solving problems
  • Learn problem solving tasks
  • Tap into nonverbal reasoning skills
  • Understand relationships between concepts
  • Store information and store it for later recall

The images above were used in a specialised setting with children who had ASD. They were really engaged with the crafts activity and loved the idea of using shaving foam to dye their eggs. The boys who I used it with loved touching and feeling the shaving foam, as they were Autistic, they would have loved the texture and the feel of it. It was a great way to teach them about the different colours and what happens when you mix colours together. A very messy but meaningful activity!


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