‘… of the week’

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During my phase 1a practice, I followed school policy and worked alongside the class teacher to implement positive reinforcement into my practice. At the end of every week, we appointed a deserving child to become ‘reader of the week’ and ‘wise owl of the week’. The children loved having their photograph up on the wall and this really motivated them to want to read at home! This worked specifically well with reluctant readers, as this was an incentive that they all wanted to achieve! As well of positive reinforcement, it shows high expectations of the children as we wanted each child to have received each award by the end of the year. Also, if they were watching their friends receive an award, it made them want it more!! I definitely aim to use these rewards in my future practice as I believe that every achievement should be celebrated! It encourages and motivates children to want to succeed – see Positive Reinforcement theory for more information.


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