Reflecting on the effectiveness of lessons

During my final practice, I was advised by my personal tutor to use the school planning format to record my evaluations, rather than the Edge Hill one. This proved to be extremely time effective and more beneficial for me. It allowed me to scribble on my planning so that it became a working document. I could then refer back to my evaluations for the rest of that week and change my lessons accordingly. Personal children are also noted within my planning so that these can be targeted within the following lesson – if this was on Edge Hill format, I would have been flipping through pages and pages to find these key children. I also evaluated the use of resources, so that myself and the class teacher knew what could be improved next time. For example, the Maths evaluation states that Abacus was too challenging so next time, I would devise a worksheet more suited to their individual needs. In the future, I definitely aim to keep up evaluating on the planning and if this is not possible or doesn’t comply with school policy, then I will use post-it notes. I think quick, timely and accurate evaluations proved to be more effective than paragraph after paragraph

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