Safeguarding in schools

Teachers’ Standard 1 – establish a safe and stimulating environment for pupils, rooted in mutual respect

When I begin placement, the very first thing I do is download and thoroughly read their safeguarding policy. This is because the safety of all pupils is paramount and as a teacher, you are responsible for this. Consequently, I have already under gone two separate Safeguarding courses (as previously mentioned). It is fundamental that the children feel safe in your classroom in order to gain respect. I understand how every policy is different varying on the school setting but I understand that every school should ALWAYS have a designated safeguarding lead. This is something that truly interests me and I would like to take further with relevant training to hopefully gain the relevant qualifications in order to do this myself. In schools, it is also important that that school makes you aware of their policy and of what to do if there are any allegations, etc. However, it is also so important to keep yourself safe as well as the children and there are many ways to do so – never be one-to-one with a child and always keep your door open. These are two things that a consider paramount and aim to always do within my teaching career. I have attached a variety of safeguarding documents that have been provided to me by two differing placement schools. It is interesting to see how they vary, but they still have the same beliefs and outcomes.

Safeguarding1 33


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