Teaching PE

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When I was asked to teach PE, I was hit with nerves and excitement! Teaching PE to a class of year 4, sporty boys was nerve-wrecking. However, after meeting with the Sports Teacher, he devised a plan for me to follow and went through the lesson. I felt much better and couldn’t wait to get stuck in. The lesson went well overall and I used mixed ability as a form of differentiation and support. Some of the children played tennis professionally so it wouldn’t have been fair to pair all of them together. I learnt that when teaching PE, modelling is KEY. For example, I had to demonstrate the ‘shake hands’ motion for when holding a bat. Through reflecting on this, and as evident in my evaluation, it was quite tricky to project my voice over 30 excited boys and a hall. So, it is important to always have a whistle!! It was also quite hard to cram everything in in the space of 30 minutes so I definitely think an hour would have been more beneficial. Despite this, my confidence has definitely developed when teaching PE and I cant wait to teach it again as an NQT (with a whistle!). Also, during the lesson, a child cut his eye and had to go to first aid. I followed school policy and send him to the office to receive treatment and provided the parents with a ‘bump on the head’ letter.


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