Teaching Phonics using Read, Write, Inc

PhonicsPhonics eval

On my Phase 2 placement, although I was placed in year 4, I considered it a priority to gain an experience of how Phonics is taught. I enjoy watching phonics as it is taught differently in every school, depending on the teacher and the scheme of work that they follow. However, when I observed phonics in year 1, it was definitely the best lesson I had EVER seen. It was well planned and combined phonics, writing and reading which I thought was really fantastic. After observing a lesson, I then went back and taught a lesson based on a-e sounds, such as make and cake. I used Read, Write, Inc (RRI) cards (as mentioned in a previous post) and the children chanted the ‘fred talk’ and ‘special friends’ to me. I also implemented actions to encourage their writing skills (as evident on the plan above). It was evident through reflection that all boys could process their speed sounds and were phonetically able to blend the words. I also loved how the RRI scheme encourages the teacher to use a story book as a stimulus. I’m passionate about reading and really try to implement them into any lesson possible. This was evident in my lesson evaluation. I am a strong believer on reflecting on lessons to consider the progress that has been made. After discussion with the Y1 class teacher, my lesson was praised. However, personally I think I need more practise on how to pronounce the sounds phonetically as I haven’t had much chance to teach phonics throughout my time at University.

Teachers’ Standards Links –

TS4 – reflect systematically on the effectiveness of lessons and approaches to teaching
– Plan and teach well-structured lessons

TS3 – if teaching early reading, demonstrate a clear understanding of systematic synthetic phonic


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