Using ‘I can…’ statements

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During my Phase 2 practice, I implemented ‘I Can’ statements which enables pupils to reflect on what they have learnt so far, as well as providing as an assessment tool. The template was given to the children at the beginning of the topic and we would tick off what we have done so far. It was a good way to look back and reflect on when children were absent and what they have missed. This could then be implemented into future planning. I got the idea from observing the year 6 teacher’s Science lesson so I asked for support with regard to planning the templates and how to implement them within the classroom. This was a beneficial tool for me but I question the effectiveness for the children. Although it allows them to see their own progress, some children were ticking things dishonestly and inaccurately. For example, a child ticked every box on the first lesson. This was a critical incident for me – as it taught me that I must model how to use checklists to prevent this from happening again. This is something that I will always remember.


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