Using Vocabulary Maps to support low attaining children in English

1 18During my final placement, I differentiated in many different ways. One of these ways were through resources. When engaging with writing, I would always ensure that the children had prompts on their tables, whether this was in the form of vocabulary maps, images or both. The children used the image above when writing a descriptive piece based on Narnia – what’s behind the door? After assessing their prior knowledge, I discovered that the low attaining children specifically struggled to use sentence openers and adverbs in their writing. Therefore, I implemented these into the vocabulary map for the children to use as prompts. This resource proved to be extremely beneficial for the low attaining children and the child who had Dyslexia. However, although it is a good starting point, you have to be mindful about children over-relying on the vocabulary and not thinking of any independently. Next time, I would only implement vocab banks during the planning process and encourage independence during the writing. This will enable me to assess more accurately.


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